Spencer Johnson is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for fostering the growth and success of minority owned businesses.  

With over 2 decades of experience in running his own business since 1999.  Spencer understands the challengers and opportunities in the entrepreneurial landscape

As a forward -thinking advocate for diversity and inclusion in the business world, Spencer Johnson is dedicated to leveraging his extensive experience and expertise to facilitate meaningful change and address the disparities faced by minority business owners.  


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In 2017 Census data revealed that “Minority-Owned business constituted less than 7% of the total business in Madison.


Our Mission

To empower and improve the quality of life within the community by providing a platform connecting value added resources to the areas where they can be most beneficial


Our Vision

By building networks within the business sector in Madison, the hope is to offer opportunities for the education and social development for dis-enfranchised members of the local community.


Core Values

  1. Embrace core principles to drive goals and mission effectively.
  2. Foster networking opportunities between small and large businesses.
  3. Encourage a free exchange of ideas for all enterprises, promoting creativity and innovation.
  4. Consider and evaluate all ideas from small entrepreneurs.
  5. Ensure fair competition for every enterprise in the marketplace.
  6. Encourage meaningful personal commitment from entrepreneurs in business development.


We Set The Space. You Make Your Case.



Why it Matters

Madison as the 4TH WORST STATE for MINORITY ENTREPRENEURS, Wisconsin underscores the urgency to address disparities.  SPEDIDIT ENTERPRISE is committed to securing opportunities for UNDERREPRESENTED ENTREPRENEURS, Creating a pathway for underserved business to thrive.